In today’s class, Notation, we listened and saw  a few examples of your networks.

We also talked about the long histories of notation by beginning our discussion of music as it relates to sound and noise.

Following cues from attali and Noise, we followed notation as it moved from Classical Greece through the middle ages. As Modernity and the massification of graphic notation created a political economy of musical production, parallel trajectories of experimentation of both graphical and musical notation arose.

We looked in depth at Bach and the well Tempered Clavier as it relates to the elightenment project of individualism and perfection. 12 tone music, Schoenberg and Adorno’s attempts to deal with the unfinished enlightement project was addressed.

Particular attention was given to 2 areas of composition and notation: stochastic music and minimalism. We looked closely at rhythm cycles and loops, as they intersect with the sacred and local (gamelan, ragas, ghanaian drumming) and are reflected in concepts of globalized computational media.

Brief examination of the systems designed for new compositional forms were examined, as well as a brief look into Rem Koolhaas’s concept of Junk Space.

YouTube Preview Image

we also listened to a number of tracks such as Terry Riley’s in C

YouTube Preview Image

as well as James Brown, Fela Kuti, Radiohead, Steve Reich, Skream and others.




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